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    I've teamed up with AMFAF to make a positive impact on the prison system. I have worked with AMFAF to design T-shirts that are more than just clothing; they represent a commitment to change. With every purchase, you're supporting the transformative power of education within prison walls. The proceeds from these T-shirts directly fund AMFAF's vital prison educational programs, helping incarcerated individuals build a better future. Join us in making a difference through fashion with a purpose.

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    Mark Hugentobler's journey took an unexpected turn when he began running a prison school in Central Utah. He realized that the correctional system wasn't effectively rehabilitating inmates who wanted to change. His team engaged 70% of the prison population through education programs, but bureaucratic obstacles hindered progress, causing rising recidivism rates. Mark doesn't justify inmates' crimes but recognizes that 95% will re-enter society. He proposes combining judicial and indeterminate sentencing, requiring inmates to prove change through rehabilitation before parole eligibility. Mark believes Utah can reform the system with stakeholder support for more effective incarceration and rehabilitation.

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Join us in making areal impact for prison reform and reintegration! 🌟

Your support to "All My Friends Are Felons" helps further their mission to educate and entertain, shedding light on the journeys of individuals who've turned their lives around. By contributing, you're helping AMFAF create opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals to successfully reintegrate into society. With your help, we can build a brighter future for all.

  • Join host Mark for a compelling journey into the transformative power of those trying to rehabilitate and change their lives following their experience of the prison system. Your host Mark, has spent years on the inside and has witnessed firsthand how education can turn anyone’s life around. With a focus on compassionate advocacy, we strive to share the narratives that shatter stereotypes and showcase the power of learning behind bars. Drawing from his time working with the incarcerated, Mark brings you face-to-face with current and former inmates who have harnessed the power of learning for change. Join us as we explore the uncharted territory of second chances and spotlight the potential that exists within everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

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ll My Friends are Felons: Finding Hope for the Utah Department of Corrections Paperback

Mark Hugentobler's successful career took an unexpected turn when he became the academy principal at the Central Utah Correctional Facility. In this role, he discovered that the prison system was far from what he initially thought. Rather than helping inmates reform, it often contributed to their criminal behavior. Recognizing the inmates' desire for change, he saw the potential for transformation through education. Over eight years, he increased the prison academy's enrollment from 200 to nearly 1,200 students, demonstrating the possibility of change within a broken system. His story highlights the need for reform and a focus on rehabilitation.

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